Gaian Heart is a place that welcomes everyone to explore the true depth of their potential in a safe and enjoyable way. Located in Toronto, Canada, we offer training in Systema, Advanced Nutrition and Outdoor Survival Skills.

The name comes from the ancient word for the Earth ‘Gaia’. To which Gaian is the collective consciousness of the Earth and all those living on and with her. Gaian Heart essentially means the heart of humanity and all other forms of life on the earth working together to create a world of peace, love and compassion collectively as one. The new Era we are embarking on must be driven from our hearts not our dualistic minds as only our hearts can understand the oneness we all seek. Oneness with ourselves, our bodies, and the many layers of our being, as well with everything and everyone around us.

To achieve the life we truly want to live we have to dig deep down within ourselves to the very core or heart of who we truly are and what we really can do and work together to create a better world. Gaian Heart is that vision. Getting us back to our roots, back to what is natural, back to what is real.