The Breathing classes are a time where we can take the most important fundamental component of all the other classes and dive into the deepest depth of it we can. Everyone breathes but few people do it optimally.

On average people spend their whole adult lives breathing with shallow stress producing breaths and never knowing the potential that true breathing can achieve. Even among classes and arts that emphasize breathing, rarely are the depths of how to practically do it truly ever explored.

Millennia ago the ancient Russians developed a sophisticated method of learning and exploring breath. Based on the principles of nature found inherently in all of us they devised a way to naturally expand the capabilities of our breath and how to use it to maximize and enhance every other aspect of movement, combat, health and life. Breathing is the basis of everything! Every system in our body either relies on or is enhanced by joining it with proper breathing and through this exploration we can truly learn to master our bodies and unify all bodily systems into one powerful functional whole.

During an average class we will take you step by step through various exercises to understand proper breathing, and how to enhance and lengthen the breath naturally in every movement or moment followed by how to truly be inside of your breath and use it to create all of our movements inside the body whether they be large external movements or subtle internal ones. Eventually allowing you to release deep trauma from the body and psyche and connecting you with the subtle energies within and around your body. The whole body must breathe and become alive for any other skills taught in the school to properly make sense.

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