Jamie has been studying and training martial arts intensively since the age of 4. Being practically raised by martial arts he has extensive training in Systema, Krav Maga, Judo, Jiujitsu, Muay Thai, Muay Boran, Tai Chi Chuan and Aikido with close to 25 years of training and 15 years teaching the various martial arts mentioned above to both adults and children of all ages.

A fully certified Systema instructor under both Systema founders Vladimir Vasiliev and Mikhail Ryabko with a black belt in Krav Maga as well as a certified Israeli Special Forces 707 Krav Maga instructor.

A past member of the Canadian National Judo Team, Jamie is also a 2x Canadian Brazilian Jiu Jitsu champion and Ontario Judo Champion with various other titles including 4x Toronto Wrestling Champion. Jamie is a Personal Student of Vladimir Vasiliev and Emmanuel Manolakakis and teaches regularly at Systema HQ in Toronto.

With over 10 years studying Nutrition and its deeper layers, specializing in Wild Food and Tonic Herbalism. Jamie has had formal training at the famous Institute of Holistic Nutrition as well as the Body Mind Institute and has studied extensively under Nutrition Geniuses such as David Wolfe and Garry Tibbo, two of the world’s top Masters in the field of Longevity and Nutrition. To this day Jamie gets most of his food from the forest through wild foraging and only buys food occasionally and usually only from local farms.

Jamie has also had extensive training in Survival Skills, Tracking and Wilderness Living under the legendary Tom Brown Jr. and his instructors at the famous Tracker School in New Jersey and is constantly learning in pursuit of the highest levels of health imaginable.


Stephen has been training in martial arts since the age of 15. A personal student of Chief Instructor Jamie Lippiatt and Certified to teach Systema under Vladimir Vasiliev with extensive experience in Systema, Krav Maga, Muay Thai and MMA. Stephen has tried every workout program he could find before finding everything he was looking for in Systema. With a love of health, Combat and all things natural, Stephen continues to grow and learn everyday, attending classes, seminars and training camps both local and international by some of the top masters and experts in the field.


Juan has over 10 Years experience in Martial Arts with extensive training in Systema, Krav Maga, MMA and AIkido and is a personal student of Chief Instructor Jamie Lippiatt. Known for his heavy hits and his ability to take strikes he is a tough but lovable Systems Engineer.

Between work, training, teaching and family, Juan spends what free time he has as a hardcore researcher and advocate for Freedom, Human Rights, Geopolitical Sciences and Sustainable Living.


Lisa graduated from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition with first class honours in 2017. A former teacher, she strives to empower her clients by providing them with the tools and motivation to move towards optimal health. Lisa sees the big picture when it comes to nutrition, working from an integrated perspective that incorporates whole foods, essential oils and meditation.

She is passionate about digestion and mental health, and recognizes the immense healing power of consciously reconnecting with our food. Literally working from the ground up, Lisa finds nourishment and inspiration in growing organic food and encourages her clients to truly feel and appreciate the power of food to heal, nourish and support us on so many levels.