Saturday May 19th, 2018 | 1-4PM

Spring is here! The Plants are growing and nature’s food is calling. It’s time to get Super Human Healthy!
The secret of limitless health, vitality and strength doesn’t come from a bottle or powder, it grows right outside your home!
No matter where you live, nature has given you an abundance of incredible incomparably healthy food and medicine and it’s always been forever free.

The wild plants all around you – the ones our species and ancestors thrived on for millenia – can be a hundred times more nutritious than anything you’ll find at a store, and they’re delicious! These plants break through concrete and thrive in the toughest conditions. Embody their essence and unleash your inner warrior!

This event is not to be missed! In just over 3 hours, we will cover some of the best information and approaches to truly living, breathing and building an extraordinary life with virtually limitless energy, and little to no mental and emotional stress. Athletes and martial artists can dramatically improve their performance and recovery time. and everyday people can connect deeper into themselves and gain the courage to create the life they were born to live.

Nature and nutrition have both been proven to play an incredibly large role on our emotional health and could quite possibly be the key to the mental health pandemic sweeping the world.
We will cover the practical approaches to identifying, harvesting and using the wild plants and finish with a yummy sample of a simple deeply nourishing wild meal.
So please bring a bowl and fork, bring your kids, bring your husband, bring your wife and discover natures abundant secrets all around you!