Saturday May 26th, 2018 | 1-4PM

For most of human history, the native wild plants of the land were everything we needed to heal ourselves and keep our body, mind and spirit healthy and strong. This has never needed to change. Most if not all illnesses plaguing our society right now can be contributed to poor nutrition and lack of understanding of what our body. Over the years of our domestication we lost this wisdom but nature never did and the plants that you need are all right down the street and in your own backyard.

There are medicines all around us that are more effective than most people could ever imagine! Learn to identify, and use these powerful medicines as well as the best strategies and ideas to prevent, heal and recover the body and health to its natural disease free energy packed original form. It’s not about treating diseases after the fact but about creating a lifestyle and understanding that prevents it from ever happening. Nature’s abundance is incredible, powerful and free!

We will cover the theory and practical approaches to identifying, harvesting and using the wild plant medicines and incorporating them into your life and finish by sampling delicious wild healing teas and herbal formulas

So please bring a cup or mug to drink out of, bring your kids, bring your husband, bring your wife and discover natures abundant secrets all around you!