Spring is here and nature is blooming! Did you know there’s a way to minimize your chance of illness exponentially, feel amazing and have boundless energy? And all without paying anything for grocery bills! We’ll be exploring best kept secrets in the nutrition world that everyone forgot!

Join us as Jamie Lippiatt, Founder and Chief Instructor at Gaian Heart, guides us in an unforgettable experience. Learn the secrets of the forest and find out how the wild plants living and growing all around you, even in your own backyard, are actually incredible foods and medicines. This is not just theory, it’s a hands on super nutrition event!

We will meet at noon by the East Don Parkland parking lot just off of Old Leslie St. and Sheppard, right across from Leslie Subway Station. We will start by learning some of the best health and super nutrition practices and then get to know the best plants and foods ever to make that happen. At the end of the seminar, we will sit together and feast on a wild foraged salad while doing some Q&A. Please bring a bowl and fork!

To further immerse ourselves into the health benefits of plants, there will be a short workshop hosted by Toni Karamanlidis, on the benefits of essential oils! Toni will be going through the basics of how essential oils can can add the missing piece to your overall health mastery as you learn their potent power and how to make two DIY recipes that you can take home and use for yourself:
– A Super Wellness Roller!!
– Bug Off Bug Spray

The workshop will take place from 2:30PM-3:30PM. The cost to attend this workshop is $15 (cash only).

See you there!