This is not your standard fitness class. It’s not a class for quick abs and non-functional muscles. It’s a place to learn and explore our bodies on a level very few ever do. The focus is not on what exercise is being done but how it is done and not by studying charts and videos but by understanding your own individual body and finding out how it specifically wants to move and grow. Of course, strength and weight loss will occur if that’s suited for you but that would only scratch the surface of where we can go as we explore the entire body and learn to control, move and build everything from our nerves, joints, organs and fascia with everything in between to bring you into the deepest levels of inner awareness and strength, both psychological and physical.

Learn to move to heal your body as we rebuild joints, cartilage and clean out the knots and blockages in the muscles and connective tissue and build a deep deep state of relaxation in the body, mind and spirit.

It is a class where you can learn to move and use your body in ways you may never have thought of and use the exercises to understand and conquer your own fears and limitations.  Cultivate true internal strength that will enhance every aspect of your life.

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