Learn to break through fear, break through worries, break limbs and heal them, with the ancient Russian Martial Art of Peace.

The word Systema is Russian for ‘system’, which is fitting because it is far more than just a martial art.  It is a system of living, developing the student to thrive in every aspect of life and heal physically, mentally and emotionally.  A martial art without techniques, forms or belts, that instead helps the student find the optimal way their unique body is naturally built to move and act; preparing the mind and body for any situation whether covered in class or not.

The history of Systema goes back well over a thousand years, quite possibly much longer, as a system of wellness and combat used and developed against every sort of enemy from various cultures bordering present day and ancient Russia.


During the rise of the Soviet Union all martial art practice was banned.  After seeing the power and potential of the art, Systema was taught to and preserved only by the elite government bodyguards (similar to the secret service) until after the fall of the Soviet Union.  When elite Spetsnaz (Russian Special Forces) veterans Colonel Mikhail Ryabko and Vladimir Vasiliev, its modern day founders, brought it back out in its full depth and glory, giving it to the world.

Breathing is the key to everything in Systema. Using specific exercises, an advanced level of natural breathing is cultivated that not only has a profound impact on combative skill but can optimize health in an incredible way. The breath is the number one way the body removes toxins, and in a properly functioning body should optimize and regulate every other system in the body. The problem is most people, including trained fighters, use less than 10% of their respiratory potential causing them to limit their body’s health, martial application and healing mechanisms drastically.

From correct use of the breath and through regular practice we aim to remove tension and stiffness from the person, creating a deep state of freedom and agility that optimizes our potential in everything we do.  Breathing exercises coupled with natural exercises to heal joints and scar tissue and clean out knots in the muscles make Systema the combative healing system that it is.

Learn to:

  • Defend from guns, knives, sticks, chains and multiple attackers.
  • Unarmed or armed assaults in any situation or terrain from standing to ground.
  • Find inner structures to enhance your other martial arts skills.
  • Use body weight and internal leverage instead of brute strength to overcome bigger, meaner opponents.
  • Hit harder than you ever thought possible.
  • Build deep reserves of inner and outer strength and awareness.
  • Heal old injuries (misalignments, joint damage, scar tissue).
  • Build phenomenal levels of health and combat skill.
  • Increase agility and flexibility.
  • Prepare yourself for anything.
  • Enjoy life to the fullest.

Through our school we offer Systema Training through private one on one or group lessons to take you as far as you want to go.

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