The forest is our true home, it is where our ancestors lived and our species was forged into the strong intelligent beings we once were. A place where everything around us taught us how to deepen our connection with life and each other, giving us true power as the ground shaped our skills, the air gave us wisdom and the food made us strong. This connection created for us a world where illness, weakness and stress were virtually nonexistent and every moment was an opportunity to attain the deepest understanding of ourselves. Everything was and still is provided for us, there is more than enough food in the wild to sustain and build us into the species we were meant to be. Not one of lack, poverty or fear but one of abundance and supreme health and longevity. Love and Joy were our treasures and each could be cultivated to a level unfathomable to most people today.

We have this belief that nature is primitive that those who lived in harmony with it were less evolved or even savage. That life was a struggle to survive but the forest is not a place for survival, it’s a place where we can thrive and explore our full potential.  Sadly, these skills have been lost, this knowledge has become scarce to the point that few people even believe in this paradise anymore.  It is time we put aside the drama and confusion of our fears and become true warriors again and once you speak the language of the forest, it will bring you there.


The deepest state of awareness is taught through this language and as you learn to read the landscape, tracks and energy around you, you will never be able to look at life the same way again. The highest level of nutrition can be found in this harmony as you reverse illness and age and move into a world where fatigue and lethargy disappear forever.

The truth of complete self-sufficiency will set you free as you become engulfed in the knowing that you are fully responsible for your own life and nothing and no one can limit who you are.  You will have full control over your own life, food and sustainability. The deepest gift of all is the deep connection that can be forged to our inner most selves and being, as we conquer fears and embrace our true hearts, all the while bringing our combative skills to a whole new level.

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